The seminar series is co-sponsored by IBEST and CMCI 

Fall 2018 schedule:

Aug 23

Alexander Bradley - Washington University, STL

A novel high-precision SIMS method to assess metabolic heterogeneity in a clonal microbial population


Aug 30

Linda Allen - Texas Tech University

Probability, Duration and Final Size of an Epidemic in Stochastic Multistage or Multi group Models


Sep 13

Sean Gibbons - Washington Research Foundation

How do we model gut microbial dynamics?


Oct 11

Fabienne Chevance - University of Utah

Effect of adjacent codons on mRNA translation


Oct 18

Irene Eckstrand - Retired Program Officer NIH

Health Analytics and Modeling


Oct 25

Monica Papes - University of Tennessee

Contributions and limitations of ecological niche models to investigating patterns of biodiversity


Nov 8

Cecile Ane - University of Wisconsin Madison

Statistical inference for molecular evolution and trait evolution


Nov 29

Tyler Kartzinel - Brown University

Conservation in the Genomics Age


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