The seminar series is co-sponsored by IBEST and CMCI 

Spring 2018 schedule:

February 22

Dr. Catherine Linnen, University of Kentucky

From mutations to species:  causes and consequences of phenotypic variation in pine sawflies


March 8

Dr. Mark Kirkpatrick, University of Texas at Austin

Evolution of genome structure by sexually antagonistic selection


March 22 (re-scheduled from February 15)

Dr. Doug Fowler, University of Washington 

Making and measuring the effects of mutations on a massive scale


March 29

Dr. Terry Hwa, University of California San Diego

A surprisingly simple link between the transcriptome and proteome of exponentially growing bacteria


April 19

Dr. Neil Carter, Boise State University

Modeling human-wildlife coexistence


April 26

Dr. Zev Kronenberg, Phase Genomics

Building de novo reference-grade genomes

*Dr. Kronenberg will also present a Career Options in Industry session for post-docs and graduate students 

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