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IBEST General Travel Guidelines

Travel expenses are allowed when they are UI business related, documented properly, most economical, within the event dates (one day prior and one day after are allowed for travel to/from the event) and must first be pre-approved with the travel authorization form.

Itemized original receipts are required with the exception of meals as meals are paid as per diem. Internet receipts are acceptable receipts and should be signed by the traveler. Employees may use the attached Travel Expense Claim Worksheet and staple all receipts to the form. Be sure to provide comments and documentation for all non-standard expenses.

If an employee chooses not to travel the most economic and efficient mode possible, and the supervisor approves the travel option, the employee will be reimbursed for only those costs which would have been incurred using the most cost-effective and efficient mode available.

University purchasing cards are to be used for university-related expenses only. If a trip includes personal time, the traveler will need to pay for the travel expenses from personal funds and request reimbursement for the business-related expenses. The traveler is required to provide a comparison of actual expenses incurred as well as what the expenses would have been if personal days were not included. The lesser amount will be reimbursed.

If an employee will be taking personal leave during a UI business trip, the leave must be pre-approved by his/her supervisor and the leave must be noted on the travel authorization and claims.