Monday, June 10, 2013

How Three Guys Rebuilt the Foundation of Facebook


Walk to the back of Building 18, on the edge of Facebook’s new headquarters in Menlo Park, California, and you’ll find the remnants of The Battle Cave.

Today, this room is just another stretch of open office space, where rows of Facebookers work on who-knows-what. But if you look to your right, at the top of the wall, you’ll see two metal brackets that once held a pair of flat-screen displays. That’s where Joel Pobar and his crew would track their daily progress.

Pobar oversees a crack team of engineers charged with rebuilding the very foundation of the world’s most popular social network. They’ve toiled on this project for more than three years now, and for several weeks this past fall — when progress stalled and it seemed like the thing might never see the light of day — they hunkered down in this room at the back of Building 18, spending nearly every waking hour writing and re-writing code, struggling to hone their creation to the point where it could run one of the largest websites on the planet.

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