Many areas of current biological research rely on some form of high throughput genomic technologies, state of the art optical imaging, analysis, and bioinformatics. The IBEST Core Facilities are comprised of the Computational Resources Core, Genomics Resources Core and Optical Imaging Core.

The Computational Resources Core contains the most sophisticated and powerful computing resources in the region, and is well-suited to complex computational tasks such as protein modeling, metagenomic studies, phylogenetic analyses and general bioinformatic analyses.

In the Genomics Resources Core, researchers will find well-trained staff willing to consult on complex research projects. The Core is well equipped with instrumentation capable of handling DNA sequencing tasks, microarray based experiments, genotyping projects and many other project types. These state-of- the-art facilities are critical enablingresources for research being conducted in IBEST, the University of Idaho, and other institutions.


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