Computational Resources Core

Dr. James Foster
Scientific Advisor

LSS 441E
(208) 885-7062
My research objective is to explore and attempt to understand both natural and simulated evolution, a field I call “evolutionary studies.” I develop and analyze algorithms, such as multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic inferencing algorithms. I also explore the practical and theoretical limits of algorithms modeling evolution, such as genetic programming and genetic algorithms.

Dr. Benji Oswald
Systems Administrator 
McClure 123 | LSS 441D
(208) 885-8169

Genomics Resources Core

Sam Hunter 
IRIC 226 | LSS 447A 
(208) 885-6051

Dan New
Genomics Lab Manager
IRIC 210 
(208) 885-7023

Optical Imaging Core

Ann Norton

LSS 447B
(208) 885-5191  

Ann has been using microscopes in the research environment for 36 years. She began her career with electron microscopes and later focused on fluorescent and confocal microscopes, while working in the neuromuscular development laboratory of Dr. Michael Laskowski. She has been training other users in fluorescence and confocal microscopy since 1996.  She began flow cytometry and fluorescence activated cell sorting activities in 2008.