The Optical Imaging Core Provides a solid base of state-of-the-art microscopy, imaging, flow cytometry, fluorescence-activated cell sorting and analysis software for imaging and flow cytometry.

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Description of services:

Full service: The IBEST OIC Director is an integral member of the research team and is engaged in project planning, sample preparation, protocol development, data acquisition and data analysis.

Assisted service: The IBEST OIC Director assists users that lack the experience needed to work independently. The OIC director will determine when a user can work independently.

Self service: Users work independently on instruments and data analysis programs for which they have been previously trained. These users will have card access to the facility and access to the resource scheduling software.

OIC services: The IBEST OIC Director is available to provide services outside of the Optical Imaging Core when time permits. These services include repair, maintenance or installation of microscopes in another facility and data acquisition on instruments outside of the OIC.