The Optical Imaging Core offers services for an hourly using the full-service or self-service models as in the past.   We now offer an additional option of purchasing a 3-month pass for self-service users only. 

In the Full-Service Model, the OIC Director consults with investigators from experimental design through to publication of the study findings. The Principal Investigator or lab member will work closely with the OIC Director on protocols and timing of the samples. The OIC Director will acquire the images or cytometry data. Under this model, investigators will be billed for training, consulting, sample preparation, acquisition and analysis time.  The Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) service is only available as a full-service option.

The Self-Service Model is available to investigators who plan to acquire and analyze their own samples. Under this model, investigators will be billed for training on each instrument they plan to use. Once a user becomes independent on that instrument they will be charged on an hourly basis for acquisition and/or analysis time only. Trained users will receive access to the OIC and will be allowed to schedule use of instruments independent of the OIC Director.

Independent users can utilize the 3-month pass option by purchasing one of 3 different passes prior to initiating a project.  Passes are available for Confocal Microscopy, Flow Cytometry (counting only, no sorting) and a combined pass for Fluorescence Microscopy and Analysis.  Please inquire about specific policies associated with the pass option. 

The OIC Director Ann Norton can provide technical services, such as review and repair of microscopes outside the OIC, if time permits. Costs will be billed equivalent to consultation rates.