Increase the Success of Your Research Program.

Developing a successful and productive research program requires skills that might not have been a part of your graduate school education.  These include managing people, budgets, and projects as well as team building, developing strategic plans, assessing risk, and communicating with ‘stakeholders’ and lay audiences.  While some principal investigators learn these skills ‘on the job’, most struggle and just do the best they can.

To help you hone these skills we have developed a crash course that will teach you the basics so you can more effectively develop and oversee your research program. 

This course – Leading and Sustaining Your Research Program – was jointly developed by the Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies and the University of Idaho College of Business and Economics.  It will be team-taught by leading faculty in the College of Business and Economics and provide content specifically developed to meet the needs to research faculty in the sciences and engineering.  Faculty of all academic ranks that oversee a funded research program can enroll, but we especially encourage early career faculty to take advantage of this opportunity.

“The course was very beneficial and allowed me to think about my research and pitching my work in a different way. It was helpful for me to understand human behavior and team dynamics.” John Crepeau

“As much as I like science, the reality is I run a business. The course has been key to helping me frame what I do as a business program and see it with a fresh perspective.” – Chris Caudill