IBEST Annual Report and External Advisory Committee Review

The EAC consists of distinguished faculty with expertise in research fields allied to those in IBEST and experience in the administration of interdisciplinary academic research programs. The faculty and students of IBEST meet with the EAC each fall semester. 

Distinguished Professor
University of California-Davis
Member of the National Academy of Science
Expertise: Microbial genetics and genome evolution     
Samuel C. Dobbs Professor of Biology
Emory University
Member of the National Academy of Science
Expertise: Microbial population biology
SACNAS Distinguished Scientist
University of New Mexico
Expertise: Yeast genomics
Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor
University of California-Davis
Expertise: Evolutionary ecology
Director of Bioinformatics, Institute for Genome Sciences     
University of Maryland
Expertise: Genomic sequencing and bioinformatics

During this meeting, the Annual IBEST Science Expo exhibits the work of researchers from the IBEST and University of Idaho community. This poster session provides the opportunity to present information about all the research conducted on the University of Idaho campus related to the IBEST theme of real time evolution. In addition, it highlights various programs under the IBEST umbrella – which include the BEACON Science and Technology Center and the Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Biology (BCB) graduate program. Last but not least, it exhibits the resources and capabilities of the three IBEST core facilities.