The Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies is a tightly knit and highly collaborative community of researchers that shares a common interest in evolutionary and computational biology. We encourage and foster interdisciplinary collaborations that blend the expertise of evolutionary biologists, ecologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists to examine the underpinnings of evolutionary biology. This constitutes an important competitive edge to investigators because we can address research questions that are intractable to scientists from a single discipline.

IBEST offers a variety of grant opportunities to aid faculty researchers in the number and success of grant applications they submit to NIH and to also increase intellectual interactions and collaborations.


Research Pilot Grant Program

The IBEST Pilot Project Grant Program will fund 1-2 grants to faculty investigators in support of pilot research on aspects of evolutionary and computational biology that are pertinent to human health. The maximum amounts of each award will $75,000 (direct costs) per year for up to two years. This funding will be restricted to new initiatives and used to collect preliminary data needed to support a competitive extramural proposal.


Travel and Collaborative Grant Program

The funds from Travel and Collaboration Grants (up to $2000 each) can be used by faculty investigators to explore new collaborative research opportunities, to accelerate the productivity of an existing collaboration, or facilitate the preparation of research grant proposals. These funds can be used so that a researcher can travel to other institutions or so that leading scientists may be brought to the University of Idaho. 

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Technology Access Grant Program

The Technology Access Grant Program provides faculty investigators up to $10,000 to conduct pilot experiments or exploratory studies using the technologies and technical support of the IBEST Genomics Resources Core, Computational Resources Core, Mass Spectrometry Core, and Optical Imaging Core.

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Other Grant Opportunities

Grant opportunities outside of IBEST.

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