The funds from Travel and Collaboration Grants (up to $2000 each) can be used by faculty investigators to explore new collaborative research opportunities, to accelerate the productivity of an existing collaboration, or facilitate the preparation of research grant proposals. These funds can be used so that a researcher can travel to other institutions or so that leading scientists may be brought to the University of Idaho. These grants will not be awarded to support travel to attend conferences or workshops.

Applicants should submit a letter to the IBEST Research Oversight Team in which they explain the motivation for the travel, including expected outcomes in terms of publications or new research funding. Decisions on granting the awards will be made by the director with input from the IBEST Research Oversight Team. These grants of up to $2,000 will be awarded throughout the year and we expect to award three such grants each year.

Grant recipients will be asked to report the outcomes of their travel in writing within one month after the funds are expended.