IBEST hosts several public events throughout the year that facilitate collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and presentation experience to undergraduates, graduates and faculty.

May 15th & 16th

The University of Idaho Research Computing and Data Science Symposium will provide a forum for scholars at the UI who are interested in generating, analyzing, or visualizing large and complex data sets. The symposium will connect these researchers to the staff and faculty who supply and maintain the research computing infrastructure that is critical to data science. The Symposium will feature a series of vibrant lightning talks from the many disciplines that intersect with research computing and data science.

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The IBEST-CMCI Seminar Series attracts top scientists from across the nation and world to the campus of the University of Idaho. These seminars are used as a core element of a BCB graduate seminar course (BCB 501), and are open to the public. Often seminar topics relate to a common theme. Past themes have included studies of adaptive evolution in natural populations, mathematical modeling of evolutionary processes, next-generation DNA sequencing technology and tools for the analysis of genomics datasets.
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Past Events

The 2018 IBEST EAC Visit Has Ended

The EAC consists of distinguished faculty with expertise in research fields allied to those in IBEST and experience in the administration of interdisciplinary academic research programs. The faculty and students of IBEST meet with the EAC each fall semester.

Dr. John Roth, Chair

Distinguished Professor
University of California-Davis
Member of the National Academy of Sciences

Dr. Bruce Levin

Samuel C. Dobbs Professor of Biology
Emory University
Member of the National Academy of Sciences

Dr. Michael Turelli, Co-chair

Distinguished Professor
University of California-Davis

Dr. Maggie Werner-Washburne

SACNAS Distinguished Scientist
University of New Mexico

Dr. Owen White

Director of Bioinformatics, Institute for Genome Sciences
University of Maryland

During this meeting, the Annual IBEST Science Expo is held exhibiting the work of researchers from the IBEST and University of Idaho community. This poster session provides a grand opportunity to present information about all the research being done on the University of Idaho campus that is related to the IBEST theme of ‘real time evolution’. In addition it highlights various programs under the IBEST umbrella – which include the BEACON Science and Technology Center and the Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Biology (BCB) graduate program. Last but not least it exhibits the resources and capabilities of the three IBEST core facilities.

A seminar series that brings in researchers from various backgrounds to talk with graduate students and postdocs about career options outside of academia.