The Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies is a tightly knit and highly collaborative community of researchers that shares a common interest in evolutionary and computational biology. We encourage and foster interdisciplinary collaborations that blend the expertise of evolutionary biologists, ecologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists to examine the underpinnings of evolutionary biology. This constitutes an important competitive edge to investigators because we can address research questions that are intractable to scientists from a single discipline.

IBEST offers a variety of grant opportunities to aid faculty researchers in the number and success of grant applications they submit to NIH and to also increase intellectual interactions and collaborations.

Travel and Collaborative Grant Program

The funds from Travel and Collaboration Grants (up to $2000 each) can be used by faculty investigators to explore new collaborative research opportunities, to accelerate the productivity of an existing collaboration, or facilitate the preparation of research grant proposals. These funds can be used so that a researcher can travel to other institutions or so that leading scientists may be brought to the University of Idaho.

Other Grant Opportunities

Grant opportunities outside of IBEST:


Directions for using SciENcv for creating NSF and NIH Biosketches can be found Here


Pivot is a searchable database containing government, corporate and foundation funding opportunities. Faculty can also identify other researchers worldwide to collaborate on projects through the program’s Faculty Profile component. Keyword searches can be saved and the system will automatically notify you of new opportunities that meet your criteria so there is very little time commitment required after the initial session. Personalized training is available and takes about 30-45 minutes.

Search the Pivot database by clicking Here

Pivot Quick Start Guide

Corporate and Foundation Relations Online Database, University of Idaho

The Foundation Directory Online database is a searchable database of private foundations that locates funding opportunities through keyword searches. Personalized training takes 10-15 minutes. (In this databse there is no automatic notification system for future opportunities.) Contact Debbie Hornbuckle (information below) to learn more about this database.

For more information or to schedule a training, please contact Debbie Hornbuckle at or (208)885-0533.

The Office of Research and Faculty Development, University of Idaho ORED

The Research and Faculty Development (RFD) team provides the University of Idaho faculty with resources and services to enhance the competitiveness of proposals across all disciplines. Our services fall into one of three broad categories: proposal development, research development and faculty development.

For more information visit the RFD site or contact Carly Cummings.